Here’s What You Need To Know About Radon

RadonWhen we purchase a home or an older building, it is common knowledge the need to install or check on carbon monoxide detectors. Even just a little bit of the tasteless, colorless, and non-smelling gas of carbon monoxide is incredibly harmful. Well, so is radon and there are too many people who are unaware of this radioactive gas’s damage.

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that comes from the natural, radioactive decay of uranium. Radon can be found in igneous rock and soil most commonly, with less commonly being found in well water.

Radon is the heaviest and densest known gas. Due to the fact that radon’s decay particles can reach high concentration levels inside of buildings, specifically lower levels, you will find a lot of homes will have radon detected in the basement. This is also a result of the heaviness of the gas. Radon can drastically affect indoor air quality.

In the 1940s and 50s when there was little ventilation in the mines, workers were heavily exposed to uranium and other hard rock materials, which lead to a significant increase in the number of lung cancer cases within the mining population. It is from this time in the US where there was a major project to improve and install mining ventilation systems.

Radon exposure has a tendency to affect the youngest population the worst since small children have a higher respiration rate due to smaller and developing lungs.

The Environmental Protection Agency has indicated that radon is the number two leading cause of lung cancer and is responsible for around 20,000 lung cancer deaths each year. It is recommended to have homes and commercial properties inspected for radon. You can test for it yourself, but it is safer to have a licensed professional do this for you.

When a radon test is conducted, you want to take action for its removal if the detection level is more than 4 pCi/l of radon.

To protect you and your family, have a professional radon inspection done on your home today. Simply being in your home, you cannot detect if radon is present or not. We have the capability of running the non-obtrusive test for you. Contact Premium Home Inspections today.