Mold is Hard to See But a Home Inspector Can Spot It

Mold is Hard to See But a Home Inspector Can Spot It

Do you think there is no mold in that beautiful home you’re thinking of buying? You may want to think twice. Even if you don’t see it, mold spores may be there, lurking in hard-to-reach corners, beneath flooring or behind walls. Sellers often try to hide mold with cleverly placed paint or spackling – but a good home inspector can see right through their tricks.

Mold loves damp locations, such as previously flooded basements or leaking pipes and windows, and can also thrive in tightly sealed new construction, where even a tiny amount of trapped moisture can cause it to grow. One commonly held misconception is that only humid areas have mold problems, but that’s not true – mold can grow in buildings that have desert like climates.

The last thing you want to do is purchase a home with a mold problem, so it’s best to have a home inspector thoroughly check your home for any mold traces. Not only is mold unsightly and malodorous, but some types of mold produce toxins that can cause severe health issues, like rashes, fatigue or difficulty breathing.

While most types of mold won’t damage your health, all types will cost you exorbitant amounts of money down the road. Mold remediation is incredibly costly, because you simply can’t apply a chemical to remove the mold – you must remove any moist materials, like floorboards, cabinetry and more.

If you’re concerned about mold in your potential new home, Premium Home Inspections can help. We’re certified in mold testing and lab analysis. If you’re in southeast Michigan, give us a call today at 586-441-9941 to find out how we can save you from buying a mold-infested home!